The Unsatisfying Job of Satisfying Critics

I really think that if I ever quit doing what I do, I would want to do something in the field of history. I love history. I am also a fan of Dan Carlin, the online history podcast guy (Hardcore History). I just finished listening to his 25-hour podcast series on WWI and I found […]

Arranging for Dummies (Part 2)

Last week, I discussed a simple idea behind arranging and today, we are going to start taking a look at it in action. Our example is last month’s arrangement, “Just As I Am,” for the arrangement club. To start, let’s talk about the song itself. When I was young, this song was what we called an “invitation” […]

New Arrangement: Just As I Am

I just published a new arrangement on my sheet music page. It is a simple but (hopefully) stylized take on “Just As I Am.” If you are in the Monthly Hymn Arrangement Club, don’t buy this one. You should have received it on Saturday. There are various philosophies behind the arranging process. For example, many […]

A Legit Gift to Give for Christmas

I deactivated my personal Facebook account a few weeks ago. I have not missed it. In fact, I am really enjoying being disconnected. I doubt I will ever go back to Facebook in a personal way– though I will probably always keep my professional page there. There are many reasons why I quit Facebook. Some […]

Living With a (sorta) Handicap

This is an intensely personal post today –but before I get into it, I am going to tell you how I prefer that you respond to it. First, my preference is that you don’t write me to tell me you feel sorry for me. Frankly, I don’t feel sorry for myself and when people start […]

Discussing MasterBuilder Arrangement

Thanks for all the kind comments on my MasterBuilder video. I transcribed what I played over the weekend and you can now purchase the sheet music with the performance track on my sheet music page. Assuming you learn the sheet music, your performance should sound pretty much the same as the one on the video. […]