The Greg Howlett courses are still available but have moved.

These courses are still distributed (at the same price) here:

More information

First and most importantly, if you have purchased courses here at in the past, they are still available in your account here. Furthermore, if you have any problems with courses purchased here, we will still support you. Just contact us.

After Greg retired from music in 2019, we kept the courses here for a few years but have come to the decision that we needed a different arrangement that is better for both you and us. So, we began looking for a partner that was still active in church music that was qualified to handle this kind of digital distribution.

The first (and only) call we made was to James Koerts, a prolific writer/arranger and longtime friend of Greg. While James has numerous publishing house credits, he is also a very successful self-publisher and knows the technical side of this business. He will be able to support both the distribution of the courses as well as the customers who purchase them. We thought he was the perfect choice.

Not much is really changing. The courses are exactly the same and will be sold at the same prices. However, we had been phasing out the DVD option because DVD players are really obsolete, and James will be offering them in either download or streaming option only. If you REALLY need DVDs, we can provide them in limited supply. Contact us here if you want to purchase them.