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Texture series: Counterpoint ideas

Counterpoint is very simply the idea of designing music with multiple voices that all work together but regarding each voice in somewhat of a independent way. Counterpoint precedes Bach though Bach is considered the pinnacle of that era in music. In fact, the simple 2-part inventions that you played in your early days of piano […]

Texture series: The push

In contemporary music, rhythm is very important. In fact, contemporary music relies heavily on rhythm for its sophistication and without doubt, much of that music is very rhythmically sophisticated. I listen to songs on the radio very often that just make me shake my head. They sound easy but I know full well how hard it […]

Texture series: Drop voicing

I am going to do a series over the next several weeks on texture. For those that don’t know, when arrangers and writers refer to the term “texture,” we are referring to ideas of an arrangement outside of melody and harmony decisions. In other words, we are referring to decisions such as how to voice, […]