The Vault: Other topics

Greg often wrote about topics other than music and while we have unpublished many of them at his request, some of them were widely shared and obviously impacted a lot of people. We have listed some of his best below.


Why the borrower is servant to the lender (the psychological effects of debt)

Professional Music Business

How to get to Carnegie Hall (Hard career advice for professional musicians)
Spotify for artists (Financial considerations of Spotify in 2018 for professionals that record)
The secret financial side of the solo piano music industry (How professional recording artists can earn money with Pandora)
Workflow for selling arrangements online
Simple fixes to put off calling the piano tuner
A recording cheat I use
Reflecting on 10 million YouTube views
What is the value of 10 million YouTube views?
The unsatisfying job of satisfying critics
The fake currency of exposure
Do you have to tour and do concerts to survive as a professional musician?
Should musicians be beggars?

Business and Entrepreneurship

Avoid the bittersweet: Choose a lifestyle business (your business does not have to control you)
The virtue of quitting (sticking with a bad idea is a bad idea)
Debt can be good but cash is king
No, the customer is not always right
How to pick a product to sell

Self Improvement

Write your goals down
Sexual abuse and the elusive nature of truth
Why Jordan Peterson instead of church?
Life hack: finding beauty
The 100% tip
Life by the book (the book of Winnie the Pooh)
International travel for a family (tips for saving)
Improving your family life
A legit gift to give for Christmas