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How to use the half-diminished chord (Part 1)

Someone recently mentioned to me that I have never really discussed the half diminished chord and how to use it –and I realized they are right. I want to remedy that over a short series of two posts. As a quick reminder, a half diminished chord is a stack of 4 notes that are separated […]

Song demo: “A Shelter in the Time of Storm”

Earlier in the week, I gave you a challenge to arrange “A Shelter in the Time of Storm” with me. Several of you have let me know you are on board with that. Make sure you have printed off the rough sketch of the harmony I provided in that last blog post. Then, here is […]

Three classifications of chords

Music is a complicated business but it is furthered complicated by the fact that there are various schools of theory that are used to try to explain it. There are a couple of reasons for that. The first reason is that the increased understanding over the centuries of how music works has sort of invalidated some of the […]