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Remembering Rudy Atwood

I have mentioned John Innes recently, and today I want to dive a bit more into the history of the piano in church. Remember that we are only talking about a century. The revivalists of the early 20th Century introduced the piano and eventually made it a mainstream church instrument. (Before that, the piano was […]

The Unsatisfying Job of Satisfying Critics

I really think that if I ever quit doing what I do, I would want to do something in the field of history. I love history. I am also a fan of Dan Carlin, the online history podcast guy (Hardcore History). I just finished listening to his 25-hour podcast series on WWI and I found […]

Why would anyone sing?

I read a pretty good article recently lamenting current trends in congregational music and I want to opine for a few minutes on that topic. We are currently visiting churches. As an aside, for those wondering, the story of why we left our current church a month or so ago is a story most of you […]

Discussing Solace

Last week, I announced the new release of Solace, a solo piano project. Things have been hectic for the past week but now that the dust has cleared, let me talk about it for a few minutes. First of all, thank you to the thousands of you that shared the offer on social media. I […]

What I learned from our Christmas program

This past year, while still off the road, I have been running the music at my church. I have written about that before but today, I want to talk about the Christmas program we just did on Sunday. Here are a quick look at our church and our music. We are small (roughly 125-150 in […]

Congregational attitudes toward music

I talk a lot here about church music because it is what I am about. Church music is rewarding but it is also very tough. I know that many of you are church music leaders and I have heard the stories. I know that in many cases, you guys deal with very difficult situations and I […]

Learning as a professional

As of next week, I am going to be a college student again. I signed up for one class (an advanced harmony class) at Berklee College of Music. I don’t know where it will lead but I chose to take it for credit so if I decide to pursue a degree, it will be a start down […]

How to save money on music stuff (and other stuff)

This is a bit off the beaten path for the blog but today I want to tell you how I save money when buying music equipment. You can use this strategy not only for music but lots of things that you buy online. Let me give you a bit of background first. When the Internet […]

A shout out to publishers

I spent this week at the Composers Symposium at Pine Lake Music in Atlanta, an event where church music publishers and writers learn from each other, present songs to each other, network, and in general, laugh a lot. If you know much about me, you know that I have never been published. There are good reasons for […]