Important announcement

In February, 2019, Greg announced that he was leaving active professional music. Below are links to the series of blog posts where he discussed this decision. However, we want to make sure you know exactly what has changed on this site as a result.

  • ALL products are still available for sale and will remain available for sale. That includes instructional courses, sheet music, and albums.
  • We were already in the process of retiring physical media (CDs/DVDs) for most of our products but that has nothing to do with Greg leaving. It is just the reality that streaming and downloading have essentially made CDs and DVDs obsolete. All you need to know is that as we sell out some items, we won’t reprint them and they will be available only in download format. However, they will stay available.
  • Greg is no longer writing on the blog here. The blog is in the process of being reorganized into a directory of articles helpful for musicians. You can find the blog articles by category in The Vault.
  • Some blog articles have been unpublished to focus the site more on providing timeless music education.
  • All of Greg’s music is still available on all the normal streaming/download services such as Pandora, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.
  • We still provide the same customer service for your purchases here that we always have. Greg still supports customer questions and will even answer pre-sales questions. Contact him here.

Please know that we have NO plans to change what you just read at any point in the future. You do not need to worry about the courses or music going away. Furthermore, if you are a current customer, you will be able to log in today or at any point in the future to download your previous purchases.

If you want to read Greg’s discussion of this decision, here are the three blog articles:

Part 1 (The Change)
Part 2 (The Why)
Part 3 (The Final Thoughts)