Church Pianist Package

Save $40 with this package that is specifically for church pianists who want to hone their craft. It includes Congregational Accompaniment, How To Chart a Song, Accompanying, and Playing Soft Music.

The Arrangers Package

Save $40 with this package. Contains three very important courses for any musician who wants to learn arranging thoroughly: Reharmonization, Arranging, and Modulations.

Complete Set

Save 30% when compared to buying individual courses! Our most popular package contains Theory for Church Pianists, Reharmonization, Arranging, Congregational Accompaniment, Play by Ear, Modulations, How to Chart a Song, Accompanying, Tranposing, Playing Lead Sheets, and Playing Soft Music.


The Chord Toolbox I & II

Covers triads and ten powerful 4-note chords that are foundational to everything I teach about harmony in Part 1 and extends those chords to 5, 6, and 7 notes in Part 2. Quick note: If you don’t know where to start, there is no better place than the Chord Toolbox. It is an inexpensive way to get started and is ultra-important information. (135 minutes)

How To Chart a Song

Understanding harmony is another fundamental building block in your quest to become a better church pianist. This course will help you start identifying chords in the songs you play. With time, you will be able to identify chords as fast as you play them. (1 hour with workbook)

Theory for Church Pianists

Covers all the theory you need to know to understand any of my courses. Just as importantly, it does not cover theory that is unnecessary. Topics include major and minor scales, triads, 4-note chords, extended chords, chord progressions, intervals, inversions, and secondary dominants. (5 hours with workbook)

Harmony / Arranging

Chord Substitutions Made Easy

This new course teaches a simple strategy to incorporate great-sounding chords into your music. Completely change your sound just with this idea! (1 hour)


Learn how to make boring triads interesting by adding additional notes, how to substitute one chord for another, and how to completely change the harmony of a song. This course is chock-full of useful tools that will change the way you sound in a dramatic way! (4 hours with workbook)


A seven-step approach to arranging from picking a song to polishing. Learn how to shape a song to communicate a powerful message. Contains numerous ideas for fills, hooks, and technical treatments. (3 hours with workbook)


Congregational Accompaniment

Regardless of your experience level, this course will help you in your church. It first gives a 4-step plan to get all pianists playing the basic style. It then goes into advanced strategies, difficult time signatures, how to modify the style to match the song, intros and much more. (4 hours with workbook)


This course is designed to help pianists accompany small groups or soloists. It discusses how to move away from melody and play patterns based on the harmony. It also covers introductions and endings. (1 hour with workbook)

Playing Soft Music

Learn how to play soft mood music underneath prayers, invitations, and Communions. This course will teach you specific strategies to change your sound from heavy to light and reflective. (1 hour with workbook)


Transposing is a very useful tool, and you don’t have to be intimidated. This course will give you a surprisingly simple method to make it happen. (1 hour with workbook)

Playing Lead Sheets

If you are not playing lead sheets in your church already, you soon will be. This course will help you learn to play when you only are provided with a melody line and chord symbols. (1 hour with workbook)


Five strategies for modulations. Includes a formula that will always work, an easy way to move up a half step, a method to move down a fifth, a strategy that requires no knowledge of theory, and an advanced strategy that professionals use. (2 hours with workbook)

Playing by Ear

Every church pianist should learn to play by ear, and almost all are perfectly capable with a bit of practice and help. This course is designed for pianists who read music but want to become more versatile. (2 hours with workbook)

The Nashville Number System

Learn this powerful system used by professionals for notating modern music. You will learn how to read and write charts but more importantly, will learn how to view modern music in a very simple and useful way.For professional musicians as well as other musicians who have to improvise in church or other venues. (1 hour)