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By the time Greg retired from his blog in February, 2019, he had written a million words, mostly about music. That is the equivalent of writing War and Peace almost twice!

We hear from thousands of musicians around the world who tell us over and over that Greg’s music blog was of immense value and head and shoulders above anything similar they could find online. We agree of course, and that is why we have gone into Greg’s blog and reorganized his best writing into this new directory we call The Vault. We removed some of his blog posts at his request, especially those NOT about music, but as you can see, we left some of his top non-music posts as well. Today, there are just over 600 articles available.

There are a few things you should know. First, the disadvantage of writing 1300 articles over a dozen years is that you repeat yourself some and maybe even contradict yourself some as you grow. Greg definitely did both so give him some grace. 🙂

Second, because these articles do represent a stream of consciousness over a long period of time, they are not really structured like a college class would be. If you are looking for a structured approach to learning these topics, we recommend his courses.

In you are interested, you might want to start with this quick read where Greg discusses his methodology in teaching music.

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