Rachel Denhollander and Paige Patterson

I grew up (and spent a lot of my adult life) in a small slice of Christianity called independent Baptists. Independent Baptists are separate from Southern Baptists and other types of Baptists. Generally speaking, independent Baptists lean toward what you might call fundamentalism and are more conservative in doctrine and practice. Because we were always […]

What is the Value of 10 Million Views?

I mentioned a few days ago that my YouTube channel is over 10 million views which begs the question: what is the business significance of that? This post will be geared more for you music professionals, but if you do anything online, you might be interested. Before I start this, I need to repeat something […]

Remembering Rudy Atwood

I have mentioned John Innes recently, and today I want to dive a bit more into the history of the piano in church. Remember that we are only talking about a century. The revivalists of the early 20th Century introduced the piano and eventually made it a mainstream church instrument. (Before that, the piano was […]

Why Moving in Thirds is Not Ideal and Why I Did it Anyway

One of the decisions I made in my recent arrangement of “Crown Him With Many Crowns” was to intentionally break some of my own rules (or at least rules I have stolen from others). For example, consider this: Look at the roots of the chords and you will note that I am moving in thirds. […]

New Arrangement: Crown Him With Many Crowns

I just published a new arrangement of “Crown Him With Many Crowns” on my sheet music page. This is a late intermediate/early advanced arrangement, and is designed to be played more reflectively than you would usually hear the piece. I am sure you are not shocked because I lean that direction most of the time. […]