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Writing from Russia

I have been fascinated with Russia for many years. My grandmother was a Jew that was smuggled out of Russia on a boat during the early communist years. According to family stories that are largely unconfirmed, her Jewish family was communist and heavily involved in the persecution of Russian Jews. (Sadly, Lenin and Stalin killed […]

Workflow for Selling Arrangements Online

Before I get into today’s post, let me say a few things about my last post. Thank you for the response to that (mostly by email). I greatly appreciate your encouragement and compliments. Please don’t think that I wrote that last arrangement from the place of discouragement. Based on some emails, I think some people […]

International Travel for a Family (Tips for Saving)

Five years ago, I told my kids that I would take them to Europe when my oldest graduated from high school. I suppose I thought that day was safely out in the future, but I was mistaken 🙂 Don’t get me wrong. I love Europe and I love going there. I have been many times. […]

What is the Value of 10 Million Views?

I mentioned a few days ago that my YouTube channel is over 10 million views which begs the question: what is the business significance of that? This post will be geared more for you music professionals, but if you do anything online, you might be interested. Before I start this, I need to repeat something […]

A Legit Gift to Give for Christmas

I deactivated my personal Facebook account a few weeks ago. I have not missed it. In fact, I am really enjoying being disconnected. I doubt I will ever go back to Facebook in a personal way– though I will probably always keep my professional page there. There are many reasons why I quit Facebook. Some […]

Living With a (sorta) Handicap

This is an intensely personal post today –but before I get into it, I am going to tell you how I prefer that you respond to it. First, my preference is that you don’t write me to tell me you feel sorry for me. Frankly, I don’t feel sorry for myself and when people start […]