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How to get to Carnegie Hall

I was at an event lately and there was a panel discussion with the fabulous Robin Spielberg in which she was talking about her music career as a concert pianist and promoter. Robin is a no-nonsense, hard-working business person that has been successful in a tough career for 35 years now, largely because of her […]

Arrangement analysis: “Like a River Glorious”

I said I would circle back to this arrangement and talk about a few things so let me do that today. I have talked about many of these things before; in fact, this arrangement is just about as solidly in my preferred wheelhouse as anything I write. Let’s start with the introduction and in particular, […]

The secret financial side of the solo piano music industry

I dropped a lot of negativity a few weeks ago about professional music. Today, I am going to give another perspective though not about the same genre. If you are one of those pianists that wants to earn a living in music, I encourage you to read this Rolling Stone article. As it turns out, […]

Arrangement analysis: “Praise Him, Praise Him”

The problem with discussing your own arrangements is the implied inference that your arrangements are worth discussing in the first place. I am not sure frankly that all of my arrangements are worth discussing, at least in a positive, learning way. I am sort of on the fence on this one to be honest. Sometimes […]