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The Very, Very End of the Abuse Series: Remembering Becky

Here are links to this entire series: Part 1: My story of abuse (Introduction) Part 2: Seven things you need to know about abusers Part 3: Dealing with victims of abuse Part 4: It started with a crossword puzzle Part 5: Getting help for an abuse victim Part 6: Taking the next step Part 7: My […]

Writing from Russia

I have been fascinated with Russia for many years. My grandmother was a Jew that was smuggled out of Russia on a boat during the early communist years. According to family stories that are largely unconfirmed, her Jewish family was communist and heavily involved in the persecution of Russian Jews. (Sadly, Lenin and Stalin killed […]

New Arrangement: Lead Me To Calvary

I just published a new arrangement (“Lead Me To Calvary”) on my sheet music page. This arrangement is moderate (on the somewhat subjective scale I use). It is designed to be way easier than the last few arrangements that I have published here. If you are a member of the monthly hymn arrangement club, don’t […]

Workflow for Selling Arrangements Online

Before I get into today’s post, let me say a few things about my last post. Thank you for the response to that (mostly by email). I greatly appreciate your encouragement and compliments. Please don’t think that I wrote that last arrangement from the place of discouragement. Based on some emails, I think some people […]

Announcing the Suspension of the Monthly Hymn Arrangement Club

I mentioned yesterday that I had an announcement about the Monthly Hymn Arrangement Club and it is this: I am shutting it down in May, 2019. I will talk about why in a second; but before I do, here are some important things to note: June, 2018 will be the last month that you can […]

New Arrangement: There is a Fountain

I just posted a new arrangement of “There is a Fountain” on my sheet music page. This is a tough arrangement really. Several of these have been tough recently; and next month, I am going to stay ultra-easy. For those in the monthly hymn arrangement club, this one is coming to you. However, I want […]

International Travel for a Family (Tips for Saving)

Five years ago, I told my kids that I would take them to Europe when my oldest graduated from high school. I suppose I thought that day was safely out in the future, but I was mistaken 🙂 Don’t get me wrong. I love Europe and I love going there. I have been many times. […]

Left Hand Arpeggios: Using the 9th

Every time I give tips about writing/arranging, I pinch myself. I still can’t believe anybody wants to read what I have to say about the topic. I sincerely feel unqualified to run a blog dedicated to music. Regardless of what I think about it, a lot of people do come here for help. I am […]

Modulation in “Does Jesus Care”

As many of you have noticed, I don’t modulate very much. The main reason I don’t modulate much is because I really don’t find it very necessary or helpful a lot of the time. In general, if there is no compelling reason to do something, I won’t. I should note that when I am talking […]