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Life lessons in business: Taking personal inventory

When I left college, I started my career as a software engineer. I was good at software and quickly won the respect of my peers and management. Within a few years, I was informally running the entire department from a technical perspective and my managers made a fateful mistake: they made me a manager. I lasted less than […]

Life lessons in business: debt

Four years ago, I wrote a post here on this blog that I still think about from time to time. It is a post about debt in business and is my personal story about business debt. Read it here: https://greghowlett.com/blog/thoughts/083012.aspx Since I wrote that post, the company (Vitabase) that I was talking about sold. It was a […]

An inside look at a basement business

Three years ago, I sold Vitabase, a nutritional supplement company we had built from the ground up. When I sold, I assumed I was out of the health business for good. However, there were a few websites not associated with that sale that we held on to and we moved that business into the basement and gave it to the kids […]