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Three tips for accompanying (Repost from 2013)

For church pianists, accompanying small groups or soloists is a ultra-important skill that is sometimes a bit neglected. So today, I thought I would give a few tips that are especially geared toward situations where the pianist is not given a written piano accompaniment. First, understand that this kind of accompanying requires a significantly different […]

Church Pianist Free Lessons

These lessons discuss important skills church pianists need from congregational accompaniment to accompanying small groups, playing soft music, transposing, modulations, etc. Free Lessons Congregational Accompaniment Congregational accompaniment thoughts Boldness is infectious Does stride STILL belong in church? A simple tip for congregational music Congregational accompaniment: Is variety necessary? Congregational accompanying considerations (Part 1) Congregational accompanying […]

Free Piano Lessons and Arrangements for Pianists

Subscribe and never miss another lesson… Get my blog posts containing lessons, tips, free arrangements, and music philosophy delivered to your email each week. You can unsubscribe at any time.   Welcome to the central directory for all the articles (over 200) on the site that discuss specific tips for music (especially piano). I have been […]