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Facts and myths about classical music

There has been a lot of feedback over on Facebook in regards to my last post, and it made me decide to write one more post about what I see as the problem before I get to the solution. While I appreciate those that have given their opinions and love their passion, a few statements have been made over there that I strongly disagree with.

What being tardy says about you

Here is an interesting article I read last week. Take a moment and read it too. The author says some things that I believe to be true but he says them far better than me. In a nutshell, he says this: when you are chronically late, you are communicating something and everyone knows exactly […]

Mixing philosophy

I am gratified by the response to Looking Up, both from customers who are ordering CDs/DVDs as well as those who are watching clips on YouTube. 

Not all the response has been positive of course, and for a variety of reasons. However, the most common negative feedback has been in regards to a mixing decision: many have mentioned that the piano is not hot enough in the mix. In other words, it is often buried by the orchestra or band.

Music and finances (Part 4)

I mentioned earlier in the week that I moved my piano to my office so I could have a semi-permanent studio and generate higher quality videos more efficiently. At the same time, I installed a QRS PNOscan which is a sensor bar that sits under the keys and records what I play as midi. I am going to use that technology to generate a virtual keyboard with keys that light up as I play them. I have used that in videos in the past and want to do it more in the future. 

Music and Finances (Part 3)

I am finally getting back to this series after a few weeks. In the previous two posts, I started discussing what I would consider to be a healthy mindset (foundation) for musicians to have about money. First of all, I said that musicians should avoid being selfish by pursuing their dreams at the expense of their families, and secondly, I said that they need to get their financial house in order before they start (by watching debt and expenses).