Success isn’t everything

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I am a college football fan (Tennessee) and have been fascinated by the recent drama regarding Florida’s coach Urban Meyer.  Meyer, one of the best coaches in the nation, resigned at the age of just 45 yesterday due to health concerns.  Today, he un-retired and is taking a leave of absence instead.

Meyer and Nick Saban (Alabama) are two coaches that I have to admire for their dedication, passion and work ethic.  An average football head coach works 70-80 hour work weeks for the entire year, but those two coaches work far harder than average.

Their hard work has paid off.  They are hugely successful.

But you don’t see them smiling very much…

Success often comes at too high a price.  There are few exceptions to the rule that success comes at the expense of other important things such as happiness, family, morality, and health.  There are exceptions of course, but almost everyone I know of that has achieved enormous success has paid a staggering price.

In the case of Meyer, the price has been his personal health and time with his family.  But apparently, since he has changed his mind about retiring, the success has been worth the price.

Many will not understand why such a wealthy man would keep working in a job that will probably shorten his life if not kill him.  But the lure of success is a powerful thing.

I am a huge proponent of being passionate about what you do.  I feel sorry for people who do not enjoy their jobs.  I am a huge proponent of being successful too.

But you have to draw the line somewhere.  At some point, success is not worth the price.