Video Lesson: Silent Night Reharmonization

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Here is a demonstration of how you can apply what I have been covering about functional harmony to create more interesting chord progressions.

Remember that I have been saying that any chord can substitute for any other chord if it follows two rules:

1) The new chord must work with the chords around it.  In other words, it should create a progression that follows rules of functional harmony.  To put those rules very simply, chords like to move either down by fifths or in either direction by steps.

2) The new chord must work with the melody note.  There are rules about this, but for the time being, just let your ear be your guide.

I follow this kind of thinking in this reharmonization of “Silent Night.”  You might be interested in downloading the lead sheet here before you start watching.

Some of you may try to play this lead sheet only to find out that it does not sound good.  That is because a lead sheet does not tell you how to voice chords (position them on the piano).  That is a future lesson, but for the time being, just know that you have to experiment to find voicings for these chords that sound good.

If you don’t see the video below, you can view it here.


7 thoughts on “Video Lesson: Silent Night Reharmonization

  1. Kevin Thomas says:

    Greg, I have been enjoying your videos. This one is especially interesting though it still seems a little like magic to me.

  2. Peter Farmer says:

    Absoloutely mind blowing what you’re doing with these chord substitutions and tritones. Makes me feel so small, but thanks to you, I’m learning more everytime and growing. Some day I will not feel small anymore. Thanks Greg, and please rest assure that there are so many people all over the world that appreciate you, and therefore I pray God’s richest blessings over your life.

    Any chance of writing what you have said in the video?

    With love and thanks from Peter in Cape Town, South Africa.

  3. sylvester says:

    Hello sir,
    actually i cant download your videos can you just sent me the notes so i can print, or you help me with any web address that i can get those chords.thaks i wate to see your reply.

  4. Kevin Pierce says:

    Hi, just ordered a course from you and would also appreciate some info emailed to me re: becoming a Vitabase affiliate. I get a lot of sales calls so long distance usually goes to voice mail but my business website has my number so you can leave a message and I’ll get back also. Thanks !

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