cd2bigCompanies, organizations, and churches often approach me to buy lots of CDs for various reasons. Here are some examples:

* A church wants to give away a gift to all mothers for Mothers Day.
* A non-profit wants to offer a gift to those who pledge a certain amount.
* A church wants to give a gift to all visitors.
* A store wants to sell my music.

If you want to buy CDs on that kind of basis, I want to work with you. I value those kinds of relationships. It is not that I need to get rid of lots of CDs in the warehouse but rather because it greatly helps me expose more people to my music.

Here are the prices:

5-50 CDs: $5 each
51-100 CDs: $4 each
>100 CDs: $3 each

Yes, you can even mix and match different titles and your price will be calculated based on total number of CDs ordered. (Please note that this offer excludes Be of Good Courage and The End of Myself.)

The only cost on top of these prices is shipping. To give you an idea of the shipping cost, we can ship 100 CDs to most places for about $10 by priority mail.

You have to call us at 888-815-9082 to get these prices.