Using my music is easy and normally free. You do not need to ask permission if your request falls into the free categories below.

Here is a list of ways you can use my music at no cost:

  • Low budget films (less than $100K)
  • Non-network TV specials and series
  • Promotional videos (including YouTube)
  • Web site background music (personal and professional)
  • Personal uses such as wedding videos or other family productions of any sort.
  • Church uses including playing music before/after services, missionary presentations, videos, advertisements, streaming, and about anything else.
  • Funerals and weddings

This blanket permission includes both my recordings and your performances of my arrangements.

If appropriate and possible, please credit me when you use my music.

To get mp3s of my music, just buy them on this site or any other site that sells my song (such as iTunes and Amazon). If you need the music at higher quality than mp3, you can either contact me or rip one of my CDs.

There are many different entities that you may run across that license my music for me. If you run into difficulties with any of them, we can usually get it easily resolved. For example, YouTube may put ads on videos you upload that use my music. Just let me know if that happens and I can usually help you get those removed.

If you want to use my music in a bigger-budget way that does not fall into the categories above, please contact me and I will work out a license with you.

If you are searching for royalty-free Christian music and/or hymns but do not know my music, listen to samples here or on YouTube, iTunes, or any number of places.