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Money Back Guarantee If you are a professional musician that purchases this book and applies the strategies, here is my guarantee to you. If you don't see an increase in business of at least one hundred times what you paid for the book, I will cheerfully give you your money back.

What Professional Music Strategies is about

Earning a living as a professional musician is hard. But the truth is that it is not as hard as some think. It just requires a certain mindset that most musicians don’t have: a business mindset.

After fifteen years as a CEO and entrepreneur, I have learned some things about business. As a concert pianist who has recorded seven CDs, two TV concert tapings that air around the world and numerous educational products for pianists, I know some things about music too.

This book contains a no-holds-barred strategy that I use myself in my music business. The book is divided into three large sections dealing with the three major components of a successful music business: products, marketing and distribution.

It is important to realize how the music business has changed in the past ten years as distribution has moved online. In this book, I tell you exactly how to capitalize on the new selling models and maximize your earnings in whole new ways.

About Me

After a very lukewarm career start as a software programmer, I jumped on the Internet ecommerce bandwagon in 1999. Since then, I have founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. In my early 30’s, I started a very improbable career in professional music and have built it to a solid six figure income.

Last year, I sold my last company outside music and am now focused on music entirely. I live with my wife Marla and four children in Monroe, GA.

Table of Contents

Getting Started 7
Chapter 1: Overview of this Book 12
What a Music Business Looks Like 13
Taking Inventory 16
Chapter 2: Products 20
Revenue Opportunities Available in 2014 for Professional Musicians 20
Online Royalties 22
Digital Distribution 23
Website Sales 24
Concerts 24
Publishing 25
Advertising 25
Traditional Distribution 26
Educational Products and Teaching 26
Songwriting Licensing 27
Licensing to Commercial Enterprises Such as TV and Movies 27
Chapter 3: Marketing 28
A Realistic Look at the Landscape 29
The Pyramid of Marketing 30
Major Marketing Platforms 38
Your Website 39
Newsletter 62
Facebook 65
YouTube 72
Other Social Media Platforms 86
Offline Platforms 90
The Offer 92
Chapter 4: Distribution 96
The Trends 97
Financial Services 98
Order Fulfillment and Shipping 101
Providing Customer Service 105
Digital Distribution 106
Streaming Distribution 110
Licensing and Royalties Collection Agencies 112
Other Areas of Distribution 115
International Distribution 115
Sheet Music 116
YouTube Licensing 117
YouTube Advertising 117
Licensing Music for Use in Movies and TV 117
Appendix: Other Important Topics 119
Hiring Subcontractors To Do Work for You 119
Paid Search Strategy 124
Organic Search Strategy 131
Questions and Answers About Music Production 137
Important Terms to Know 142
Recommended Products, Companies, and Vendors 148
About Greg Howlett 154