Who are these free lessons for and what is my music teaching methodology?

The main focus of these lessons is on teaching musicians to be creators and improvisors. Rather than only being able to replicate music that is in front of you, I want you to develop very important and critical skills that are extremely valuable in professional music, church music and essentially every other kind of music that exists (other than the classical concert hall).

While you will find some philosophical and abstract stuff here, most of these lessons are strongly rooted in 20th Century theory. The development of modern theory as is widely used today came mostly from modern classical composers and jazz musicians. That being said, while I use that foundation, I am not teaching either classical music or jazz here. While most of the music referenced in the lessons is church music, the concepts apply to basically any kind of music you want to play.

I aim these lessons at musicians who play at least at an intermediate level and have at least a rudimentary knowledge of theory. If you find yourself over your head in a lesson, just take it very slow or move on to something else for a while. These concepts are often hard and complex and even if you get them into your head quickly, it usually takes more time to get them into your music.

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