In order to get the most out of these courses, we encourage you to watch and work through them in small bits at a time. These courses represent years of experience, and you cannot hope to implement these skills into your music by just watching the DVDs through once.

Throughout all the courses, there are checkpoints (assignments) to help you learn the concepts until you can use them instinctively in your music. When you get to these checkpoints, turn off the DVD and work on them for as long as you need to. Some checkpoints might require only a few hours of practice. Others might require a month of work.

If you find yourself spending a month or more on some checkpoints, you should not feel slow. Some of the checkpoints took me years to learn!

Some of these courses might take several months or even years to work through if you follow these suggestions. That is fine. It takes a while to learn to play the piano well. Just keep practicing.

If you are a parent and want to use these courses to supplement your child’s piano education, expect these courses to take years to complete. It would be entirely reasonable to use these courses starting in elementary school and lasting all the way through high school graduation.

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