In this 75 minute lesson, I discuss how to play quiet music during reflective times in church (such as invitations, prayers, or Communion).

This lesson is not fluff and it is not an infomercial for my other courses. It contains information that can be applied right away by musicians at practically all skill levels.

Topics include voicing, easy arpeggios, open intervals, extended chords and chord substitutions.

In all, ten different topics are discussed and demonstrated with the hymn “Just As I Am.” A free arrangement of this song will also be provided.

If you wish, you can download this lesson and keep it forever. However, you no longer have to download this lesson because it is available on YouTube by clicking here.

Instructions for downloading/watching the video.

1) Click on these two links and print the sheet music:

Just As I Am

Just As I Am – FREE arrangement

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Answers to questions about this offer


Because it helps me and it helps you. Most church pianists have never had an opportunity to learn this style and if you fall into that category, this course will help you.
Also, this offer helps me introduce myself to thousands of church pianists who might be interested in other courses that I sell.

Is this an infomercial to sell your other products?

Absolutely not. You will learn very solid concepts that you can apply to your music today. You will not need to buy any other courses to use them.

How does this course compare with the course you sell called Playing Soft Music?

There is some overlap but not as much as you might think. This free course is designed to stand alone more than that course and works with more skill levels.

How does the quality of the course compare to your courses you sell?

It depends on who you ask. In terms of the quality of the material, it is every bit as good. Regarding the quality of the video production itself? My producer would laugh at this one because I did it myself, but unless you are a video professional, you will be happy. However, there is no doubt that my other courses
have better sound, camera angles and more thorough supporting materials.

How is this course delivered?

The course is delivered as a mp4 movie file that can play in QuickTime, Windows Media Player and other players that you probably already have on your computer. It is very good video quality, but as a result the
size of the download is big (0.8 GB). It will probably take an hour or two to download.

I have dialup. Can I download it?

If you have two days.

I can’t download a file that size. Can I get the course another way?

You can also watch it you YouTube by clicking here. If that will not work for you and you wish to get the course on DVD, click here. We will charge only a minimal amount to cover duplication/shipping ($4.99 United States/$24.99 International).

What other courses do you sell?

I thought you would never ask. Check out all the courses here: All of my DVD courses

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