Why I do what I do

Every month or so, when they are in the area and I am available, I go play a concert or two with my friends of the Daybreak Quartet. Daybreak is a ministry-oriented and very talented Southern Gospel group. I like doing things with them because are sincerely some of the good guys in the Christian music industry. When I do a concert with them, I play some of their music for them and also some of my own.

Tonight, they were in a small church near my house so I went over to play with them. As I sat in the concert, I was reminded again of the reason I do what I do in music.

Performing is an enormous amount of work and is anything but glamorous behind the scenes. The schedule can be brutal and there are numerous things that can and do go wrong. As a case in point, Daybreak was in Oklahoma a few weeks ago during a snow storm and flipped their trailer containing their equipment.

In spite of the problems, there are two primary reasons I do music. First, it is about stewardship. I am responsible for the talent I have. In my opinion, I am responsible to continue to develop it and also to use it.

Secondly, music makes a difference. Over the years, I have been in hundreds of churches across the country, but as time goes on, I am more and more conscious of the pain and burdens of the people in every church. I was especially aware of that tonight. The recession has been very tough on many people who are already dealing with family, health, and other personal issues.

I can sense the impact of music on people who are crushed under those kinds of burdens. It gives them a reminder of the God they know and a lift in their step as they face their challenges. Seeing music work in that way is a very powerful thing and I am honored to be a part of that kind of ministry.

It goes without saying that I also love learning, recording and performing music. But I am thankful that there are good and tangible benefits that come from that love.