Thoughts about my birthday, my eye surgery, and more

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Today is my birthday. I will talk about that more in a second but first, let me apologize for the light posting this week. I have actually been out of pocket because of an eye procedure I had this week. For those that do not know, I have had a 4-year-long fight with one of my eyes because it had a fluke detached retina and then things went bad during the surgery to reattach it. The eye has never recovered but was at least stable until a few months ago. I started to realize I could no longer wear my contact in it and after meeting with an endless series of doctors, they decided that they needed to remove a layer of calcium that sometimes builds up on the corneas of damaged eyes.

The procedure to remove that calcium was this week and while it was not a big deal in itself (except I went vagal in it which is an ongoing issue I have during all things medical), the pain afterwards was unbelievable. I have pretty much been in bed. Things are much better now and if my eye is kept shut, I am almost pain free. The doctor told me I would have pain for a few days but I just cannot believe how bad it was.

For those that wonder about the longterm prognosis for that eye, it is rather bleak. The best case scenario is it stays stable and apparently is stable now that this problem is taken care of. However, while this has not been a fun week, I have been dealing with this a long time and it is one of those things you learn to deal with without too much disruption in your life.

Now, let me talk about my birthday just a second. I am 45 today and thankful for a life that has been fulfilling, a wife and family that have been a joy, and God’s mercy and grace as I have needed plenty of second chances. I don’t have much wisdom to drop on you today because I tend to drop my attempts at wisdom whenever I can through the year but I will say this:

Make every day count. And remember that many people before you made their lives count even though they did not have nearly as much time as you.

Sometimes, I get to walk through cemeteries of famous people and I note their ages. I am already older than an awful lot of people that made a big difference. That is a sobering thought. Don’t waste your days and don’t get to the end of your life with regrets because you squandered the opportunities that you had.

I guess that is it for today.

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