Reflecting on Reflections on a Journey

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Sometime over the weekend, we sold out Reflections on a Journey. Some of you are due a refund or exchange and we are getting to you as fast as we can. While Reflections on a Journey hopefully will exist in the new digital world for decades, today is a bittersweet day so please indulge me as I reminisce a bit.

Those of you that have been around since the beginning of this site know that Reflections on a Journey was my first professional CD. My actual first CD Timeless Reflections (still available in download version) was done when I was viewing music as a hobby and I was not even for a second considering the idea of doing music as a career.

In late 2006 (just over eleven years ago), I walked into Sound Kitchen, a large Nashville studio and recorded the project. It seems like yesterday. I thought it would be fun to share a few videos that we shot of the event. I have not watched these myself in years. If you wonder about the quality, these were shot in the days when YouTube did not offer long videos or high resolution. (If you don’t see videos below, here is part 1 and part 2.)

When I look at these videos, I am thankful for the incredible experts in the room that day taking care of a little inexperienced amateur like me. I can’t name all of those fabulous musicians but I want to mention Bob Clark (engineer), Jason Prisk (producer and mix engineer), Steve Mauldin (conductor/orchestrator), Pam Sixfin (orchestra leader and first chair violinist) and Carl Gorodetzky (orchestra contractor).

When I started that day, I really did not know what my plan for that album was. This thing was sure: I never dreamed that it would get heard by millions of people all over the world through CD sales, downloads from sites like iTunes, and other streaming sources like YouTube and Pandora. I am thankful to all of you that have helped me both by buying the album and also by sharing it.

Like I said, the distribution of Reflections on a Journey is hardly finished. As the world continues to change, I suspect that it will have greater reach in the next decade than it did in the past decade. Digital music distribution is great for musicians in that way. However, I am a bit sad that we won’t have it on the shelves here anymore in CD format. It is an important part of my past.

By the way, because Reflections on a Journey is sold out, it is no longer part of the 7-CD combo. The combo is now 6 CDs and is $24. However, I also just added a 9-CD combo for $35 which includes all 6 of my albums as well as the three albums I have produced in the past few years for vocalists (Hymns from the Heart, The End of Myself, and Be of Good Courage).

2 thoughts on “Reflecting on Reflections on a Journey

  1. Anita says:


    You are more than a blessing; you give hope where nothing matters any more.
    Thank you seems just so inadequate.
    May our Lord keep you close and always have cause to bless you abundantly.

  2. Ashley says:

    Enjoyed the reminiscences, Greg. Thanks for sharing. And I appreciate you creating music that affects rather than impresses people.

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