A lesson from my children

In the basement, the kids have a “schoolroom.”  We do not home school; I just have one child (Kelsey) that likes to play teacher and her younger siblings play along as students.  From time to time, Marla and I get notes from said teacher stating that those siblings are misbehaving.  Occasionally, the notes are positive, but that is fairly rare.

When I got home yesterday, they called me down to look at their redecorating of the school room.  My eyes were drawn to one sign on the wall.  Here it is.


As a person who worries a lot about his children, this sign makes me very happy, even though there seems to be a bit of confusion about the Bible reference.  The fact is that this is a truth that should be part of our lives.  It is sadly a character trait that is foreign to most people.  I see it very rarely and I bet you do too.

There are many reasons why.  My downfall is overcommitment.  If you try to do too many things, you do none of them well.  If you struggle with not doing things with all your ability, you might have a different reason.

But regardless of the reasons, there is a good reminder here…