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Danny Crawford interview on licks (Part 4)

If you want to watch the earlier parts of this interview, here they are: Part 1 (Danny’s bio and how he got into professional studio work) Part 2 (How the studio music process works) Part 3 (Charting) In this last portion of the interview, Danny discusses licks (what I often call fills). I actually get […]

Demonstration video on secondary dominants

After publishing my latest free arrangement of “Christ Arose” last week, several of you asked for me to discuss it in a video so here it is. I wrote the arrangement in just a few minutes and I don’t consider it to be the best thing I have ever done. The one thing I consciously did while […]

Free video demonstration: Transitioning between songs

After last week’s post about transitioning between songs, several asked me to demonstrate. Yesterday, I recorded this 15-minute video demonstrating the six tips in that article. * Planning ahead * Making modulations easy * Starting all transitions early * Playing fill music while waiting for the leader to start * Giving cue signals to the […]

Demonstration: I Am Thine O Lord

Yesterday, we finished the first year of Online Music School. We had two 16-week semesters and I calculate that I talked in front of the camera for somewhere close to 200 hours. Roughly 150 students participated. Registrations were about equal for both semesters even though I only taught 5 classes in the second semester compared to […]