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The biggest mistake you can make as a performing pianist

When I look back over the time I have been a piano player, I can easily see how my thinking has changed over time. I started playing when I was eight and within a few years, was playing in church. Somewhere along the way, I started playing offertory arrangements. Back in those days, options were […]

Using Facebook for your business or music career (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here I have been advertising on the internet as long as there has been advertising on the internet. It has been fascinating to watch the changes. Online advertising has moved from very rudimentary models to extremely sophisticated and slick systems that are frankly just amazing. Facebook is right up there at the top […]

Changes in the music industry

I have been hands-on in the basement-turned-warehouse for a few days and I stumbled across boxes of books that um, we overbought. The title is Professional Music Strategies – Surviving and Flourishing as an Independent Artist and I wrote it back in 2014. It is actually labelled the 2014 edition when I optimistically thought I might update and […]