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The vaccination debate (Part 2)

In my earlier post of this topic, I discussed the industry side of the alternative health industry. The general gist of it was this: while there is a lot of good to be found there, there is a lot of danger too from irresponsible marketing and sadly, flat out deception.
It is worth asking why consumers and especially Christians are so easily fooled in this area. How does one reject what the vast majority of the educated world accepts as fact for the nonsense of charlatans? I want to talk about that today.

Be wary of chiropractors (and other medical professionals)

A lot of you guys ask about my health and I have not publicly said anything for a few months so here it is: my eye is healing slowly but has a long way to go. My back has done pretty well. I am pretty much pain-free and while a few lingering issues are being stubborn about disappearing, I am thankful for the progress.

If there has been a silver lining to my health saga, it has been that I have learned some very important things. Many of you have already learned those things, but for those that have not, maybe my experiences can help you. I want to talk about the dangers of chiropractic care, especially if you are dealing with bad chiropractors.

What being tardy says about you

Here is an interesting article I read last week. Take a moment and read it too. http://www.entrepreneur.com/video/225437 The author says some things that I believe to be true but he says them far better than me. In a nutshell, he says this: when you are chronically late, you are communicating something and everyone knows exactly […]