Upcoming stuff: master class, theory, recording and more

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Welcome to 2017. I thought I would give you a few thoughts on things I am planning this year. Some of these things are happening soon and I will go in chronological order.

  • Theory Prep I with Faye Lopez starts this Saturday. Yes, you can still register and you are encouraged to do so. This online class is for anyone who wants to learn theory but is especially for high school students that want to prepare for studying music in college.
  • One of the most popular things I do every year is my new years resolution video where I demonstrate a project for you to work on for an entire year. I will be recording and sharing that next week. You will be surprised at this year’s topic.
  • I have alluded to the fact that this past year has been a challenging year and in a few weeks, I am going to be starting a series here on the blog telling my story about the situation we have been dealing with. It is a story of abuse and a very important one.
  • A joint online master class with Faye Lopez and myself is coming up on February 4th. You can still register for this class either as a participant or observer. We will have a great time.
  • I am planning on recording two new albums this year. One will be a big orchestra project similar in style to Reflections on a Journey and the other will be a piano-only project featuring my Christmas book Lorenz is publishing this fall.
  • Of course, throughout the year, I will be focused on blogging, teaching, learning, and writing. I have one other surprise thing happening but will keep it under wraps for now.

I am always interested in your thoughts on what kinds of things you want me to write about on the blog so send me your thoughts by posting below or emailing me.

One thought on “Upcoming stuff: master class, theory, recording and more

  1. Liberty says:

    I started following your blog because of the music, but I love that you talk about other things also. I really like what you’ve had to say about business. I would love to start a profitable business primarily to involve my 4 and 6 year old kids, to teach them many different values. I don’t think you’ve detailed how you got your kids interested/ motivated in doing their business? By accident? I’d love a post on kids in business…. — maybe interviews of your kids?
    I’m interested in reading your sad situation forthcoming posts. I’ve been hurt badly by pastors twice now, and we are currently searching for a new church. That search is difficult, and I’m curious to know if you’ve found your new church yet. You posted not long ago about music trends in churches these days, and I’ve found the same things.
    Wishing you success this coming year!

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