The Chord Toolbox II now available

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All CDs and downloads are just $5, instructional courses are 30% off, and the Entire Sheet Music Collection is 20% off.

In July, I produced The Chord Toolbox I, a one-hour course that covers essential triads and 4-note chords. I had promised The Chord Toolbox II in August and am only late by a few weeks. However, it is now ready for instant purchase here.

The Chord Toolbox II picks up where the first volume left off. It discusses how to extend 4-note chords to 5, 6 and 7 notes. These chords are about as complex as you will ever see in modern music (with perhaps a few very rare exceptions). When I decided years ago to embark on a serious study of harmony, these are the chords I learned and they are now the backbone of my music. The system of The Chord Toolbox is the same system I used to learn these chords myself.

If you are interested in progressing as a modern musician, this is your starting place. I don’t take credit for the system and I didn’t discover the chords, but I can tell you that they will change how you look at music forever.

Here is a little promo video on The Chord Toolbox. (If you don’t see the video below, click here.)

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