Soul Rest Score and Performance Track Available

Merry Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

All CDs and downloads are just $5, instructional courses are 30% off, and the Entire Sheet Music Collection is 20% off.

I have been negligent getting the score for “Soul Rest” on the site but I got around to it today. You can purchase it on my sheet music page.

“Soul Rest” is a monster orchestration but the piano part is quite easy. You would be shocked if you saw it. There is one hard run in the big climax toward the end (which you can easily modify) but the rest of it is probably at a late intermediate level or maybe early advanced. If you like the idea of playing with a track but don’t have a lot of time to practice big songs, get this one and crank it up. Here is the performance by the way in case you have not heard it:

While I was doing that today, I did something else that may be unpopular with some. I raised the price of the Entire Collection of arrangements from $49.95 to $69.95. I did that because when I first started selling the collection, there were only around fifty arrangements. Today, there are almost eighty.

I am going to be honest: I am happy getting $49.95 for the collection since it is a download that costs me basically nothing to deliver. However, on the flip side, I am sort of thinking about the broader picture here. Eighty arrangements are worth a lot more than $50. Frankly, $70 is not nearly enough either when you consider the going price for single arrangements is pushing $5 and books of ten arrangements go for close to $20. And to be very honest, even at those prices, there is still not enough money to pay the publisher and writers very well.

No one who I know is getting rich writing or publishing church piano arrangements and if I keep prices too low, I am not helping my friends that are in the industry. So go buy my collection if you don’t have it, but then go buy other people’s stuff too. There is a ton of it out there and it is better now than at any other point in time that I can remember.

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