Quick Update from Ireland

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I have been quiet here for a while; mainly because I have been traveling. A few minutes ago, we landed in Shannon, Ireland, and are leaving to return to the US shortly. I can’t describe how beautiful Ireland is this morning. The flight in was just breathtaking.

As a quick note, Marla and I return to Europe in a few weeks for another extended trip and we have other travel planned as a family this summer. So, expect my writing here to be a bit sparse through mid-August.

I want to say just a few things about this trip but since this is not a travel blog, I won’t dwell on it too much. This was the family trip where we saw four countries in ten days. It was not a vacation by any stretch. I have not worked as hard in a long time. I wouldn’t change anything because this trip was for the kids and I wanted them to see a lot. However, we were not exactly relaxing in a French country home very much. Almost every day was packed and very busy.

On top of that, the logistics of the travel itself was challenging and daunting. Imagine getting a family of six through eight flights, one long train ride, two rental cars, and more city public transportation than I can remember, all in strange places where English is not the primary language. After a while, it starts to just wear on you.

That being said, it was a great time and hopefully something the kids will always remember. The weather where we were was just spectacular, the lines were mostly short, and the people were invariably friendly. We saw more attractions than would seem to be humanly possible as we wandered in western Ireland, London, Paris, and Zurich.

I will leave it at that for the time being and check in later in the week. I did have the foresight to write and record the hymn arrangement of the month before we left.

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    Hi Greg,

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    GOD bless you.

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