New arrangement: Zion’s Hill

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I just published a new arrangement on my sheet music page. It is early advanced version of Zion’s Hill.

You can see the demo video below (or by clicking here). I will talk about it a bit at some point soon.

Just for a second, I want to address why I have been quiet here lately. If I am being honest, the reason I am quiet is not because I have not been writing. I actually have started a half dozen posts but just have not felt that I should publish any of them. I don’t know why that is. Hopefully soon I will get back in the groove.


One thought on “New arrangement: Zion’s Hill

  1. Wanda Scarbrough says:

    I want to thank you for sending me this new arrangement of Zion’s Hill….how can I get a copy of it????? It is so beautiful, and would not be that hard for me to learn it….thank you for your hard work and for keeping me in the loop..


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