New arrangement: We’re Marching to Zion

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I just published a new arrangement (We’re Marching to Zion) on my sheet music download page.

This is an advanced arrangement. I try to get out something off the beaten path every few months and this was my month to try something new. I hope that many of you will attempt it but I will warn you that it is a bit intimidating to read even if it is not nearly as hard as it looks.

This is the monthly hymn for those of you subscribed to the Monthly Hymn Arrangement Club so if you are in the club, don’t buy this one. If you are not in the club, consider joining. You get an arrangement each month for $19.99/year.

Within a day or two, I am going to publish a video discussing how to perform this arrangement. In the meantime, watch the video below. Essentially, there is a lot of interplay between the hands and we are swinging on the 16ths. Once you get those two concepts into your hands, you will find this way easier to play.

Here is another tip. Don’t try to play this exactly as written. Just approximate some stuff and follow the feel. There are no bonus points for playing every note I have on the page. Have fun with it.

If you don’t see the video below, click here:


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