New Arrangement: My Hope Is In the Lord

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I just published a new arrangement on my sheet music page.

This arrangement of “My Hope Is In the Lord” is mostly late intermediate but there are a few challenging bars in there. Let me give you a few modifications to simplify those bars.

Bar 35: The harmony here is FM7 – Am7(b5) D7(b9). If you want, you can play any texture you want using these chords. Or, to simplify even further, just play a pattern on F for 4 beats.

Bar 38: This is simply a pattern on Gm7(b5). You can play your own pattern or just eliminate this bar completely. Its purpose is mostly just to add a bit of dramatic effect.

You might notice that both of these bars incorporate the half diminished chord which I have been discussing lately here on the blog. When I wrote this, I intentionally looked for some ways to get the chord into this arrangement and you will see it three times I think. In all three, it is used in the context of a ii-V in front of a target chord. In bar 38, the target is actually not minor but that is OK. It works well anyway.

Here is the video demo. If you don’t see a video below, click here:




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