New Arrangement: I Need Thee Every Hour

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I just published a new arrangement which you can download here:

I Need Thee Every Hour

There are a few household items for the day. First, please do not buy this arrangement if you are a member of the Monthly Hymn Arrangement Club because this arrangement will be coming to you within an hour. If you are not a member of that club, please join. You get an arrangement like this every month for just $19.95/year. You can join here.

Second, I am announcing a price increase on what I call the Entire Collection (every arrangement I have published here). When I started, I had 50 songs available and now there are 66 songs in the collection. On April 1st, the price is going up $10 ($59.95 for the collection alone or $69.95 for the collection plus a year in the Monthly Hymn Arrangement Club.

Obviously, that is still quite a good deal even with the new price but if you have been thinking about buying the collection, buy it in the next three days to save that $10.

Now, here is a demo of me playing this new arrangement. If you don’t see the video below, click here:

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