New Arrangement: Honey in the Rock

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I just published a new late intermediate arrangement of “Honey in the Rock” on my sheet music page.

“Honey in the Rock” is not a theologically deep song. It is, however, a song that a lot of us (including me) grew up with and like. I heard someone playing it recently. It just took me back to my childhood, and I decided on the spot to arrange it.

By the way, there are references to honey in rocks in the Bible. I did not know that until some of my Facebook people pointed it out to me.

After a rubato introduction, this arrangement falls into what I would call a gentle shuffle. It should be played in time but in a relaxed way.

Here is the demo of me playing it. (If you don’t see a video below, click here:



3 thoughts on “New Arrangement: Honey in the Rock

  1. barbara dingeldein says:

    Love the new arrangement …Honey in the Rock. How much is the arrangement to buy? Where do we purchase it?

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