New Arrangement: Crown Him With Many Crowns

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I just published a new arrangement of “Crown Him With Many Crowns” on my sheet music page.

This is a late intermediate/early advanced arrangement, and is designed to be played more reflectively than you would usually hear the piece. I am sure you are not shocked because I lean that direction most of the time.

When I was writing this, I was thinking about my childhood. I used to listen to Dino and he had a huge flamboyant arrangement of this with a track (on cassette tape). I bought that track, wore it out, and never played it right. This arrangement is about 180 degrees opposite of his.

There is one bar in this arrangement that is pretty hard. If you can’t play it or don’t want to learn it, just leave it out. It is another one of those iim7(b5) – V7 runs.

This is the hymn of the month for those that are members of the monthly hymn arrangement club so if you are a member, don’t buy this one.

Here is a demo of me playing it. If you don’t see the video below, click here:


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