Master class takeaways and updates

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On Saturday, Faye Lopez and I did our first master class and 100 of you joined us. We were supposed to go two hours and evaluate 8 participants but we ended up at three hours with 9 participants. I kept expecting people to drop off after two hours and some did, but I think there were still 70 people watching as we were well into that third hour.

I am always blown away by your talent and knowledge and all the work we evaluated was exceptional. I know that many of you have written me expressing your appreciation for those that participated and asking for their sheet music. Whether that will happen or not I don’t know. I am swamped at the moment with other things I have to do. However, if you participated and want to share your piece with everyone, let me know and I will post it here in a day or so.

I need to confess that I really messed up badly. I had told many of you and even posted here that I was going to record the class and make it available. However, I forgot to hit the record button so it is lost forever. I apologize for that.

That being said, we will do it again. We will probably combine the same format with some teaching so if you guys have topics you want covered, send them in. I will announce the next one soon.

The suggestions we gave were all over the map. We talked about voicing, voice leading, chord progressions, song arcs, performance and melody. The only thing I really remember talking about for multiple participants was making sure chord progressions make sense. A few pieces had progressions that were not necessarily orthodox and logical so we cleaned those up.

In other news, I came to the class in an eye patch and have actually been in an eye patch for the past month. My eye that has been so problematic over recent years seems to have a complication. What I thought was a simple scratch in the cornea may be more serious. I don’t have any answers yet but am working with doctors on deciding the next step. If you see me in an eye patch, that is why.

In one other bit of news, I announced on Saturday that I am working on a new album, or more technically a series of singles that will eventually turn into an album. This is going to be a new experience for me. I am collaborating with film score composer Ben Botkin on some epic (cinematic) orchestral/piano arrangements of hymns. I spent two days last week up in Tennessee brainstorming on five songs and am currently charting them.

I think that is all for now…

3 thoughts on “Master class takeaways and updates

  1. Mary Ann Patlan says:

    Greg, I’m so sorry I missed the Master Class. I tried to sign in but didn’t work. I probably don’t have the right stuff on my computer to be able to do this. It is over 10 years old. Oh well, I have learned so much from you already. I’ve viewed some of your instructional videos on youtube and I’ve played your reharmonization of Silent Night along with my verionsO Come Emmanuel, and Mary Did you Know. For Easter I’m going to play Behold the Lamb and your version of Christ Arose. Thanks so much for all you do
    to help us musicians. God Bless.

  2. VIVIN says:

    Hello Greg,
    It was a pleasure attending the master class and it was quite some learning. As you have stated in your letter recently that you are planning to do such a session again, I am excited looking forward to that and wanted to add a couple of topics for discussion, if it would fit your agenda namely,
    1. Introduction to some popular Jazz scales & harmonizing the scale – can be used as fillers in music.
    2. Chromatic Harmony- for a dynamic turnaround. etc
    I have recently purchased your course on ‘Reharmonization’ & I’m working on it, slowly. Please let me know if there is a mail id where I can get in touch with you for some doubts/ clarifications in study material or in general.
    Thank you so much once again. God Bless you!


  3. Liberty says:

    I am so glad I was able to watch the Master Class…it was very refreshing and inspiring. Sorry about the recording– but perhaps then you’ll give us another free round of observation? : ) I did take some notes that I would be glad to share for those who missed it– then they could google for more information if they like…

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