Master class: Heather Sorenson

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On March 18th, Heather Sorenson will be joining me for our next online master class from 3:00-5:00 EST.

The format for this class will be slightly different. Rather than only reviewing work of participants, Heather is going to teach and answer questions the first hour and then we will evaluate three participants in the second hour.

If you want to participate in this class, you need to register immediately if you want one of the three spots. Please note that we are limiting what we are looking for in this class to writing/composition/arranging only and you must provide a score a week in advance to participate. Please also note that this is not limited to piano. In fact, we would welcome choral music.

I would suspect those three participant slots will be gone within a day so hurry. If you register and the slots are all gone, we will refund your money. Also, I am going to sell only 100 observer slots. Those will probably not last long either.

The last class was free largely because it was the first one and we were testing. However, I am charging a nominal amount ($9.99) to watch this one, especially because of the fact that we are doing a full blown class for the first hour. Virtual lunch will be provided 😉

I have known Heather for for more than twenty years. Back when we first met, she was primarily a pianist (and a very good one) but now she is more known as a composer and writer. I have recorded one of her songs (“God of Heaven” which was #1 on the choral charts in the year it was released). You can learn more about her at her website.


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