Major announcement: Blog changes and introducing HowCentric

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My first blog post here on this blog was in May, 2007 and it is still posted though the information is a bit dated. Since then, I have written almost 1200 posts over ten years which works out to about two per week. That is a staggering amount of words. Some of those words have been good, some have been bad and probably a lot of them have been forgettable. If you are a newer reader, thank you and if you have been around a while, I really want to thank you. At the moment, approximately 23,000 people read the blog either via email or online and I am thankful for all of you.

I have written on a lot of topics over that period but in general, they fall into three categories: music, theology/philosophy, and business. Some of you like the variety and some of you don’t. It is interesting that I have always gotten far more emails in response to my non-music writing than the music ones so I know that a lot of you are OK with it. I do hear from some though that express their desire that this blog focus solely on music.

I say all that to set up the announcement I am making today: from now on, I am not going to write about business-related topics here but am instead going to make this blog only about music.

However, as of today, I am starting a new blog specifically for business:

Why? For me it just makes sense. I have been keeping you up to date on the business my kids run in the basement. It continues to grow (it is now at $2 million/year in sales) and I love working in it. I have always loved business as much as music and my focus shifts between the two quite often. Sometimes I put the business on auto-pilot and just focus on music and sometimes I take a break from music and focus on business.

If you are tired of me straying from music to business on this blog, you don’t need to do anything. However, if you want to keep getting my business thoughts going forward, I encourage you to head over to and go to the bottom of any page and subscribe. You will get emails whenever I blog and you will also get a free report I just wrote entitled “How to find a product to sell online.”

For the foreseeable future, everything on HowCentric will be free. There are no products I sell there. While I may monetize the site in the future, I have no idea what that will look like. At the moment, I just want to build a community of people that are interested in starting a business in their garage or basement.

With the exception of no more business posts here on the blog, you won’t see anything change here at I am working this month and next on recording a series of 5 videos and because it is some of the most aggressive music I have ever attempted, I am really working hard on those these days. I can’t wait to start trickling them out toward the end of the year.

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