Information so you can join us in the free master class

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The online master class I have been talking about with Faye Lopez and me is almost here. We have eight participants presenting their music (mostly church arrangements) and maybe 100 or so of you signed up to observe. Here is pertinent information:

Time/Date: Saturday, Feb 4th at 1:00-3:00 EST
Cost: You can observe for free

In other words, to participate, just click on that link at the right time and you will be watching.

Guys, here is some important technical information for you. If you plan to join us, basically any computer with a decent internet connection will be fine but you need Flash installed. Almost all of you will have Flash but those on iPads especially may run into a problem with that. Before the class, you can test to make sure you can watch by running the tests here:

The technology I use is Adobe Connect and I have used it for years pretty much error free but even so, please test your connection. I recommend Chrome for your browser. If you want to use an iPad, you may need to download an app browser such as Puffin (free).

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