Harvey Relief Sale: $6 CDs with 100% of all profits donated

Save 15% on all instructional courses and packages!

Through 6/28/18, use coupon code 2018spring10. Good for DVDs and downloads.  Learn more here.

Through Saturday night, I am selling all CDs and concert DVDs on the site for $6 each (free shipping). It costs me $1 to press a CD and after paying that and other expenses, I am donating 100% of the profits to Samaritan’s Purse for relief efforts in Texas. Depending on shipping costs, that will be close to $5/CD (if you buy more than 1 CD at a time, my shipping cost per CD is minimal).

Why Samaritan’s Purse/Franklin Graham? My reason is because it is a legitimate charity that transparently opens its books and makes itself accountable to auditing organizations (such as Charity Navigator which rates them 4 out of 4 stars). There are other options for donating money of course including to individuals and/or churches. However, the two things usually missing are accountability and also expertise. In regards to the latter, I want to donate to organizations that know how to vet situations and victims to make sure the money is spent in the best possible way.

On another note, you may have noticed that the album I released last week is available only as a download. That is an intentional shift on my part away from pressing CDs and I am not reordering any CDs as I sell out titles. Once they are gone, they will be gone. I would not be surprised if some titles will be gone by the end of this sale. In the near future, I will be offering music only by download/streaming.

Here is a list of all the products available:

My titles (CD):
Reflections on a Journey (orchestra with piano)
Portraits of Hope (orchestra with piano)
Quiet Place (solo piano)
Seasonal Spice (Christmas piano w/ other instruments)
Looking Up (piano with orchestra and band)
Lovenotes (solo piano, jazz standards)
Solace (solo piano)
Heirloom (children’s music with nature sounds)

Concert DVDs:
Live in Charleston
Looking Up

Other titles:
Hymns from my Heart (Melody St. Clair Randazzo)

There are a couple of extra special offers:
Buy my eight in-stock CDs for $39.99 (and I will throw in a concert DVD)
Buy the Looking Up CD/DVD combo for just $10.

Stock up for Christmas early and help your neighbors in Texas.

By the way, just this morning, I uploaded the full one-hour Looking Up concert (TV version) to YouTube and you can watch it for free. Watch it and then buy some DVDs for those in your life that still use Blu-ray or DVD players 🙂

Here is the link in case you don’t see the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuEosb_KIgI


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