Going on the Road

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Note: This is my first blog post ever and I am leaving it published for that reason only. Please excuse my nostalgia. (Greg, 5/28/19)

It has been a month since we first started shipping my newest CD, Reflections on a Journey. Frankly, I have been amazed and overwhelmed at the response to it.

As I often say, I do not write my music with the goal of impressing people. My desire is to perform music that communicates on a deep level. If my audience only listens to my CD once, I consider that a failure–I want them to wear out the CD (if that is even possible).

Somehow, my goals seem to have been realized with this project, and I am thankful to God that it is making an impact.

Originally, I had no desire or ambition to travel and give concerts. I have a family with four young children and a good church here in Georgia. I like to be home with them on weekends and in church on Sunday.

That being said, I have been asked repeatedly by churches in recent weeks to give concerts. I did not anticipate this, but I have to think that I am getting an opportunity that I should not pass up.

My goal is to only travel once or twice a month and do only a few concerts a month. I have already start booking those concerts and will be posting them on the site soon. I am greatly looking forward to this opportunity.