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I have been giving away a lot of courses lately on my Facebook page but not really as fast as I want to. I like giving away stuff. So last night, I got this idea to give away a course to everyone. Here are the details:

Choose between Chord Substitutions Made Easy, The Chord Toolbox I, or The Chord Toolbox II. Add it to your shopping cart and then use coupon Thursday10. That coupon can only be used one per person but will reduce the cost of the course to $0. Go on and check out as normal. You will not be asked for your credit card because you will owe nothing. The download will then be in your account and accessible whenever you want.

You can read about those courses when you are ready but as a quick summary, Chord Substitutions Made Easy is a very effective and simple approach to chord substitutions, The Chord Toolbox I covers triads and 4-note chords (such as major t7ths) and The Chord Toolbox II covers advanced 5-7 note chords (utilizing extensions such as 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths.

This coupon code only will work today. Enjoy.


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