Finally done recording

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This past week has been a busy one but especially these last two days.  We recorded the piano part for Portraits of Hope through the night on Wednesday and most of the night on Thursday.  I am thrilled to be done and holding my breath waiting for the mixes.

I have to say that I was thrilled with our experience at Kennesaw State University.  They take music very seriously over there and went out of their way to help us in any way possible.  Their performance center is absolutely stunning with all kinds of technology that helps produce a great sound.  And the piano I used (a Steinway D they call Miss Mary) was close to flawless.  It took a while to get the feeling that I was in control of the sound, but once I played it for a few hours, I was in love with it. 

I am hardly surprised that I liked the piano.  The technician, Andy Williamson, probably talked to me an hour one day last month about the piano and my project.  Like I said, they take music seriously.

The recording actually went faster than I expected.  I actually did a few one-take songs which is very unusual for me.  I have a tendency to obsess about things and want to keep doing retakes, but the reality is that my first takes are normally my best ones.

Here are some pictures from the process.









One thought on “Finally done recording

  1. Doug C says:

    Great Pictures Greg! What an accomplishment. You are an example to musicians out there that might have the itch to record a serious music project someday. It has been very interesting to see the entire process take place from beginning and very soon to the end. You have taken the time to include your thoughts during the entire process which is so cool. Transparency is a great thing especially when it involves learning from others. You have created beautiful music that gives attention to our creator. Thank you for all of your hard work. Now we all can sit back and enjoy. Just don’t get too picky in the mixing process!

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