Announcing the first “Hang” for entrepreneurial musicians

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One of the things I have not done a great job with is just getting on camera and talking to those of you that want to talk. I have all the tools to do that easily enough so shame on me.

The master classes we have done recently have sort of gotten me into the mood so I may do one of these a month. We will cover various topics but in this first one, I want to chat about the business of music. I will bring some things to the session to cover but really, I am going to let you drive it. I expect that the majority of the time will be answering your questions.

Target audience: Musicians who either want to learn how to make money with music or already are professionals
Date: 4/8 at 1:00 pm EST (until we get done)
Place: Just go to http://greghowlett.adobeconnect.com/hang/
Cost: Free

Here are some things we COULD talk about if you are interested:

  • Recording
  • Concerts
  • Marketing (Adwords, FB, etc)
  • Revenue streams for musicians
  • How to brand yourself
  • Publishing
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Nuts and bolts of the business side of music (accepting credit cards, shipping, inventory, etc.)

See you there. Again, to join us, just go to http://greghowlett.adobeconnect.com/hang/

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