Announcing the 2014 Studio Recording Contest

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For the third year, I am hosting a studio recording contest in which the winner will get a studio-produced solo project valued at $7,000 with me as producer.

Here are the entry details:
* All instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome to enter. This is not for pianists only.
* To enter, send a video or audio recording of your music (one song is sufficient). Original compositions or your own arrangements are preferred but not required. We must receive your submission by 10/31/2014. You can send submissions by email or postal mail. We can also accept YouTube clips and other performances posted on public sites.
* We will pick and post the top 10 semi-finalists by 11/12/2014 and online voting will occur between then and 12/14/2014.
* The winner will be announced on 12/20/2014.
The winner will receive the a professional studio-produced project valued at $7,000 that includes the following:
* 2 days in a studio (one of two that I personally use).
* My long time engineer Jason Prisk as recording and mix engineer.
* Me as producer (A producer takes care of all the details so all you have to do is record.)
* Me as your coach for picking out songs, helping you arrange, etc.
* Graphic design
* My help marketing your new project.
The winner will be responsible for travel costs to the studio, duplication of the CDs, and licensing (if any). In the case that the winner wants to do a more elaborate project that requires more time, musicians, etc., he/she will be responsible for the extra costs as well.
The last two winners were Daniel Hopkins and Daniel Craig. There is no truth to the rumor that musicians with the name “Daniel” have an advantage though.

5 thoughts on “Announcing the 2014 Studio Recording Contest

  1. Anna says:

    Hi there! So excited about your contest.

    I was blessed to start playing for church when I was eleven. Since then, people have been asking for me to make a pre-service/praise music Cd. {I’m now 18 years old.} I’ve often wanted to record one, but wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. Even if someone else is chosen; Thank you for giving me the time and consideration!!

    Here’s my entry:

    Phone: 715-823-2071

  2. Vivian Lawrence says:

    “Diversity is such a powerful tool which needs to be invested and appreciated among nations and every culture has something unique to offer. When diversity is fused to everyday life, there is appreciation, learning and understanding of different cultures. God created diversity and God loves when we all come together to glorify him. In this original piece, I have used various instruments from different parts of the world to fuse together to create something big, complementing but yet creating something unique and distinct”.

    This piece captures 3 genres of music that have impacted me deeply

    1)indian music
    2)classical music – especially Rachmaninov

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